Why You Need a Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation often called, “workers comp,” is a type of insurance that protects and compensates employees who are hurt, injured, or become ill on the job. In 2015, private industry employers in the U.S. reported approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Many employees hurt on the job attempt to handle their own case without hiring a workers compensation lawyer. This is not always advisable because the process can be tedious, frustrating, and oftentimes, very complicated. It is in your best interest to call a workers compensation attorney immediately after the injury so that proper medical documentation can be noted on your file, and you ensure you are taking the right steps to get the care you deserve. Although workers’ compensation insurance is guaranteed by law in almost every state, workers find that it can be quite difficult proving that their injuries fit the strict criteria for receiving this benefit. Workers comp also covers problems and illnesses that are developed over a long period of time on the job, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome or back problems resulting from some sort of repetitive movement at work. This can also be extremely difficult to prove on your own. An experienced workers compensation lawyer will have in depth knowledge of the insurance policies and the companies that manage them. They will help you determine whether or not you have a case, as well as how much in workers’ compensation benefits you are owed. If you are still unsure about whether or not a workers compensation attorney is needed these are the situations in which you must consider legal representation or face the risk of losing proper medical care, financial compensation, or even your job. Your Claim Has Been Denied You Are Not Able To Return To Work You Have Suffered Severe Injuries You Have Pre-Existing Conditions A lawyer who specifically knows the laws and policies in place for workers comp can only help you when moving forward with your claim. Most will provide free consultations, and this will give you the time to check references, their past claim successes or failures, and get a real idea of whether or not you have a compensable case. Getting hurt on the job is a possibility whether you’re working in construction or at the office. By representing yourself you are possibly denying yourself all the money and care you are entitled to. To have a general idea of your workers comp rights is usually not enough. Workers compensation is there to do just that, compensate you. Take full advantage by hiring an expert who understands the best course of action and all the options available to you. McMahan Law Firm, the “Go To Guys” can help with your workers compensation case. Give us a call today.

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