What To Look For When Choosing An Attorney

legal helpWhen you’ve been in a car accident or you’re soon to face litigation regarding your workers compensation claim, it may be a simple thing to decide that you need legal help. An attorney can assist you with deadlines, paperwork, and arguing your case in the court of law efficiently and professionally. However, choosing your legal help may seem like a more daunting task.

How do you choose a lawyer? Many Americans look toward family attorneys or friends who have experience with particular lawyers and may be able to help. But for those whose families don’t have a family lawyer, you may be wondering what it is you can do to help decide which lawyer is best for your case.

Here are some qualities to look for when you’re on the hunt for legal help to defend, or fight for, your case.

  1. Communication Communication in terms of clarity as well as effectiveness is one of the biggest qualities you want to look for in an attorney. It’s one thing if a lawyer is experienced, but if your lawyer isn’t clear and straight to the point it may be difficult to understand them. This can lead to a slew of problems on your end if you’re unsure of what documents you should be providing your attorney and at what time.Therefore, when choosing an attorney or law firm be sure that you are able to understand them and that they’re able to quickly getting in touch with you. A good sign that a lawyer is bad at communication is if it’s been days since they’ve returned your initial call.

  2. Experience While experience isn’t always necessary when it comes to choosing a good lawyer, it’s good to have one that is well-versed in the material. The most common personal injury cases include product liability at 5%, medical malpractice at 15%, and motor vehicle accidents at a hair-raising 52% according to the U.S. Department of Justice. If your case is one of these three types of personal injury cases, it might be easy to find experienced legal services. However, as long as your attorney understands the differences in the cases and any tax implications, you should be in the clear.

  3. Availability and punctuality The last thing you want to feel when you’re going through a court case is a sense of unimportance. Therefore, when looking for legal advice take note of the availability and the punctuality of the attorney you’re meeting with for a consultation. You want to be sure that you’ll be able to get a hold of your lawyer in the event of a change or emergency. Punctuality is also good manners so if your attorney isn’t punctual, you can usually tell where you fall on their list of present values.

  4. Rapport Another thing to look for in an attorney is whether or not you get along with them. While you don’t have to be friends, a sense of professional understanding and likeness should be present between you and your lawyer if you’re the one who is choosing them for the case.

  5. Professional standing Like with all businesses, check with past clients for their review of the lawyer’s legal help and skill. Past clients will know first-hand if the lawyer you’re thinking of choosing for your case is really a good choice and will be able to inform you of whether or not their personality is a facade.

Looking for legal help in the event of litigation doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask around your community for the names of particular lawyers and during consultations pay attention to the style and personality of the attorney in order to find the best fit for you.

9 thoughts on “What To Look For When Choosing An Attorney

  1. Thanks for the tips for choosing a lawyer. I was recently in an accident, and I haven’t been able to get the compensation I deserve. I am looking for a lawyer to help me. I like what you said about choosing a lawyer who you get along with. If I am going to be spending time working with somebody, comfort is important to me. I will keep this in mind.

  2. I agree with you in that it is important to choose an attorney that knows how to communicate clearly and help you understand how your case can turn out. It makes sense that looking for a lawyer that can help you understand the laws around your case would allow you to make an educated decision. My sister got into a car accident a few days ago and the insurance if giving her a hard time, so I’ll make sure to follow your advice as I help her find the best attorney to help.

  3. I like how you mentioned choosing an attorney who is both available and punctual. It would make sense to hire someone who you would be able to easily get a hold of when necessary. My cousin has had a habit of getting himself into trouble with the law. Finding a criminal law attorney who is readily available in the future could be helpful to him.

  4. I never knew how important it is to choose an auto accident lawyer that uses clear communication to ensure you understand them in discussing where your case is. My sister just got in a rollover car accident last week. Hopefully, this info can help her find a lawyer that can use proper communication to get her the settlement she needs to pay for her back surgery.

  5. It’s interesting that you talked about finding someone that is available enough for your needs. I have been looking for a lawyer to help start a case for me, and I wasn’t sure how to choose one. I can see how it would be a good idea to pick one that is easily accessible, in case something changes and you need to contact them immediately.

  6. It’s great that this article talks about how it’s a good idea to choose a personal injury lawyer that is clear and will get to the point so that you can understand them. This could help you make sure you’re able to learn what you need to do for your case. In order to do this, you’d probably want to research the different companies in your area and then meet with your top choices in person so you can ask them questions and see how well the lawyer communicates.

  7. I like how you recommended considering experience when selecting a personal injury attorney. It makes sense how having an attorney that understands the differences in the cases could be beneficial to an individual. My brother was recently involved in a multi-vehicle collision. It could be beneficial for him to hire a lawyer who is familiar with personal injury cases.

  8. It was nice that you suggested choosing a lawyer who has exceptional communication skills. I liked that you included choosing an attorney who you can easily get ahold of in case of an emergency. My sister was recently involved in a car accident that left her hospitalized. I’ll be sure to let her know about these tips so that she can hire a reputable legal service to help her with her case.

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