McMahan Law Firm Wins Martindale-Hubbell’s “Silver Client Champion” Award!

 On September 19th, Martindale-Hubbell announced the launch of its new Client Champion awards and McMahan Law Firm is thrilled to announce it has been named the Silver Client Champion.


 The client champion awards recognize attorneys who commit to client service and make it easier for buyers of legal services to select the right lawyer.


 Fewer than 1% of attorneys have achieved Martindale-Hubbell’s newest award and because of YOU, yes, our amazing clients who have highly recommended us, we were honored with this award.


 Check out our Silver Client Champion award displayed on our and profiles. 


 Martindale-Hubbell is hub for users to complete an anonymous review indicating whether they would recommend the attorney and rate that lawyer in four categories: Communication, Responsiveness, Quality of Service and Value for Money. 


 For more information on the Client Champion awards, visit or register to attend our webinar on Tuesday, September 26th from 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT,


 We at McMahan Law Firm, LLC take pride in representing the “underdog.” While we primarily strive to help our clients win their rightful financial recovery, we truly feel a sense of fulfillment when we help our clients receive justice from liable parties. That is why we only represent injured and disabled victims and individuals – never companies, employers, or corporations. 


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