4 Things That Can Hurt Your Case After A Car Accident

car accident lawyerEvery year on American roads, up to 3 million people are injured in car accidents. Unfortunately, many of those who sustain an injury from these accidents are unaware that a car accident lawyer can not only improve their chances of a better settlement but can also help prevent them from sabotaging their own car accident case. To help ensure your car accident case goes as smoothly as possible and works well in your favor, consider the following things not to do during your car accident case.

  1. Failing to call the police At the scene of the car accident, it’s essential to call the police as soon as you’ve made sure everyone in both vehicles is alright. Even if the other party seems trustworthy or the accident itself was small, failing to call the police can damage your case. The police will file a report based on the incident. This report will include original statements from both parties and will document any existing evidence. These accounts are essential in case the other party changes their story after the incident.

  2. Failing to take photos of the accident After the accident, it’s extremely important to take photos of the scene. Be sure to take photos of any debris on the road, any property damage, personal injury, skid marks, and any damage caused to both or more vehicles in the accident. This evidence will be significant during your court case.

  3. Failing to exchange information with the other party After calling the police and taking photos of the car accident, it’s important to exchange information such as license plate numbers, car insurance agencies, and license numbers with the other driver. Failing to obtain this information or to provide it can damage your case.

  4. Providing a statement to the other party’s insurance agency After a car accident, it’s best to consult with a car accident lawyer before giving any statements regarding the incident aside from your statement to the police. This is because the other party’s insurance agency will be looking for evidence that will reduce the amount of money they’ll need to pay during their settlement. Even if they sound friendly, it’s not in your best interest to discuss anything with them. Should you choose to, consider bringing along your car accident lawyer to keep from saying anything that may hurt your case.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s key to the success of your car accident claim that you don’t do anything that may hurt your case. Failing to call the police, to seek medical attention, or to consult with a car accident attorney could cost you your settlement. For more information on what you can do to improve the chances of your case, consult with a Dalton car accident attorney today.

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