Bicycle Accidents

Finding Relief for Victims

━ Bicycle Accident Cases

Over the last few years, we have seen a surge in the popularity of bicycling. For countless commuters, bicycling is a low-cost, healthy, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Unfortunately, along with this rising popularity has come to a spike in bicycling accidents and a need for bicycle accident attorneys. Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to trauma when they collide with motor vehicles and when these collisions are the fault of motorists, then the resulting injuries deserve to be answered for.

At McMahan Law Firm, LLC, we understand that, too often, bicyclists are marginalized on the road and, if hurt, often feel as if they have little recourse to recover the compensation they deserve. Our award-winning team of North Georgia personal injury lawyers believes that every victim of negligence deserves the resources and advocacy to pursue the relief that they need. Time and time again, we have ensured that the voices of our personal injury clients were heard and that rightful restitution was recovered on their behalf.

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━ How Motorists Negligence Causes Accidents

In urban and residential areas throughout North Georgia, motorists are not always as aware as they should be of bicyclists in their vicinity. When this happens—or they choose to act recklessly—bicyclists are put at enormous risk of serious and even life-threatening injury.

Bicycle accidents are likely to occur when motorists:

  • Speed
  • Fail to properly signal a turn
  • Fail to properly signal a lane change
  • Drift onto road shoulders or bike lanes
  • Fail to be generally aware of vehicles in their vicinity
  • Drive while impaired (intoxicated, fatigue, etc.)

━ Fighting for Individuals 

If any of these motorist behaviors contributed to your bicycle accident, then it may be time to start exploring your legal options.

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