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If you have received injuries at your workplace, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Many catastrophic injuries result from specific accidents, but a chronic condition can also develop over time. If you are physically suffering due to an injury that resulted from your workplace, you are entitled to pursue compensation to help pay your medical expenses and missed time at work. Our workers’ comp attorneys in Dalton can provide knowledgeable counsel regarding your claim. We are here to guide you through the necessary steps to receive maximum compensation!

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━ Helping You Qualify for Worker’s Compensation 

In most cases, if you were injured while on the job, you qualify for workers’ compensation. This includes if you suffer from a chronic medical condition, repetitive stress injury, or stress-related condition caused by your occupation. You may also qualify if you were injured in a work-related vehicle accident, such as those that often occur in the trucking industry.

Since it is important to meet the filing requirements for workers’ compensation claims, having our experienced Dalton workers’ compensation lawyers on your side can be essential. It is also important to seek the counsel of a proficient attorney if you have any pre-existing conditions that might complicate your claim for benefits and require additional legal insight.

Examples of common workplace injuries include:

  • Injuries to the lower back and lumbar spine from lifting, bending, and twisting
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive activities, such as gripping or typing
  • Burns from an explosion
  • Injuries from vehicle or trucking accidents
  • Injuries from equipment accidents
  • Injuries related to falls from high places or minor slips

Our legal team also has extensive experience handling propane explosion injuries, factory injuries, auto manufacturing accidents, catastrophic injuries, and many other injuries that can occur on the job

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