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━ Filing Wrongful Claims in Georgia

Any unexpected death is tragic for the survivors. Wrongful death cases, in particular, can have lasting financial and emotional effects. When a person dies due to the fault of another person or of a faulty product, claims can and should be brought against individuals, companies, and governments for negligence. Our Dalton wrongful death attorneys at McMahan Law Firm, LLC serve your legal needs with proven knowledgeable counsel while facilitating prompt action and holding the responsible parties accountable.

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━ Who is Eligible for Compensation?  

Recovering from your loss is not easy, and not everyone is eligible to collect compensation for a loved one’s death. Financial compensation is meant to cover funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, pain and suffering for the survivors, and other financial stressors that you may face in the wake of losing your loved one. As a general rule, if the survivors depended on the victim for financial assistance, they are allowed to sue for wrongful death, even if they are not related by blood or marriage.

In most states, including Georgia and Tennessee, survivors include the following:

  • Immediate family—All immediate family members, including husbands, wives, children, and parents of unmarried children may be eligible for wrongful death compensation.
  • Extended family—In certain circumstances, extended family, such as grandparents, brothers, and sisters, may be able to receive compensation because of loss of care or support.

━ We’re There in Times of Tragedy

The loss of a loved one takes a tremendous emotional and financial toll. We’re here to help individuals fight their case and receive their rightful compensation.

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